Geschlossen wegen der Zombie apocalypse...




Not Yet Dead Miniatures is closing its doors.

Statement date: Friday 1st September 2017.


Yes, sadly I will be closing down the miniature range of Not Yet Dead!
As of 13th November 2017 I will stop trading miniatures as a company!

First off, the reason I am closing down Not Yet Dead has nothing to do with failing sales or ill health!

A miniature company needs a lot of love and attention (time), and my other 2 small companies that I run, a Graphic Design Studio and an Illustration Studio (where we sell online and at Design shows/markets) takes a huge amount of our time and resources. We will have done 27 weekend shows/markets alone in 2017, which doesn´t leave a lot of time for Not Yet Dead.

At SMC 2017 in Eindhoven (Holland) all of our figures will be on sale at a huge discount and from the 24th/25th October 2017 on the website as well.

It´s been a blast these last 4 ½ years.


Stay safe and survive

Toni Morey and Anke Schmiemann





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NYD-S016 - Survivor Linda w/baby

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