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Statement date: Friday 1stt September 2017.


Yes, sadly I will be closing down the miniature range of Not Yet Dead!
As of 1st December 2017 I will stop trading miniatures as a company!

First off, the reason I am closing down Not Yet Dead has nothing to do with failing sales or ill health!

A miniature company needs a lot of love and attention (time), and my other 2 small companies that I run, a Graphic Design Studio and an Illustration Studio (where we sell online and at Design shows/markets) takes a huge amount of our time and resources. We will have done 27 weekend shows/markets alone in 2017, which doesn´t leave a lot of time for Not Yet Dead.

At SMC 2017 in Eindhoven (Holland) all of our figures will be on sale at a huge discount and from the 24th/25th October 2017 on the website as well.

It´s been a blast these last 4 ½ years.

Stay safe and survive

Toni Morey and Anke Schmiemann




If you wish to contact us about our closing down, or you are interested in purchasing the Not Yet Dead product line and Intellectual property, we invite you to contact us at


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