Welcome to “Not Yet Dead” Miniatures!

We are a small company dedicated to designing and manufacturing Resin/metal miniatures in 1/35 scale (50mm to eye level) and 1/24 scale approx. 75mm to eye level). 

These figures are made to be used in any modern environment (zombie apocalypse, post apocalypse, or any type of "collapse of society" setting) for the modelmaker, Diorama builder or skirmish wargamer.

The miniatures are a mix of 3d sculpts (digitally rendered, then printed using rapid prototyping) and traditional hand sculpting.

Thanks and we wish you a lot of fun with our minis.

Stay safe and survive,

Anke and Toni



Wargaming in 1/35 scale

We @ NYD have made a set of basic skirmish wargaming rules for the ZOMPOC in 1/35 if anybody is interessted in getting a PDF with the rules (for free, cost nix, nada, nothing)...then e-mail me at and we will mail you a free pdf....


Product reviews at Modelgeek Kitmaker:

NYD-Z004 - Zombie male #1 

NYD-S003 - Survivor Nathan

NYD-S016 - Survivor Linda w/baby

NYD-S021 - Survivor Alice




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